The websites for the Division of Student Affairs have been designed for maximum flexibility for departments while meeting the University’s visual identity standards.

Required Elements

Certain webpage elements are required by the University and can not be modified or removed. These items and their respective locations on the website template are listed below and outlined in blue in the diagram to the right.

  • Unit contact info or link (Utility Bar – see below for options)
  • Rutgers logotype with the Shield (Header)
  • Copyright text (Footer)
  • Link to the Rutgers University–New Brunswick website (Footer)
  • Link to the University-wide search (Footer)

These elements may not be removed or modified, with the exception of the Contact Us link.

Website Template Sections

Unit Contact Information

Top-level pages must include complete contact information for the unit (address, phone, fax, and email) or a clearly visible link to that information (the Contact Us link).

If the Contact Us link is used:

  • It must point to a page which includes the complete contact information for the unit.
  • It may be moved to the Main Menu as a top-level link.

The Contact Us link may be added to the Footer only if one of the following conditions is also met:

  • The Contact Us link is also in the Utility Bar
  • The complete contact information for the unit is visible on top-level pages of the website.

Click here for the University’s Web Policy.

Website Sections

Below lists the sections of the Student Affairs website template, as well as elements found within each section. Section formatting should not be modified.

Website Utility Bar Sample

Quick Links Menu

Provides quick access to popular pages. Some examples of pages to include, but are not limited to:

  • Contact Us
  • Hours of Operation
  • Reservations
  • Menu

These page links could be redundant to links already existing on the Main Menu.

Social Media Links

Contains links to your social media pages. These links should be white, and must turn red when a mouse pointer is hovered over it.


The background color of the Top Bar should be the hexadecimal code #474747.


Division Branding

The official Rutgers Student Affairs signature (with the Shield logo) fulfills the website identity requirements under University Web Policy while also branding the website as part of the Division of Student Affairs. This must appear on every website.

Unit Identification/Website Name

Identifies the website as part a divisional unit or the title of the website (if not tied directly to a divisional unit).

Site Search

Database-driven search of the active site is required to appear on the top right-hand side. The search does not rely on outside search engines but rather searches the website’s content database for pages containing the search term.

Main Menu

Main navigation menu for the website is required.


Subpage links under the Main Menu pages appear here, nested by page hierarchy. Note: the Mega Menu option should not be selected for submenus. Mega Menus display all pages under a Main Menu item, but is not cleanly formatted and presents a cluttered interface.

Standard_Banner:SliderThe banner/slider resides below the Main Menu, and comes pre-formatted on the website home page. If you plan to use the pre-activated slider on your website, be sure to update the images in the slider. Images used in the slider should be 1250 pixels wide in order to accommodate the width of the banner/slider without losing visual quality. Image height for the slider depends on your final slider height. If you use the pre-activated slider on your website, images should be 1250px by 350px with the image subject centered and towards the top.

Websites can have banners or sliders on their home pages, and subpages if necessary. While the banner’s height and style is flexible, care should be used in formatting the slider so it doesn’t overshadow important page content.

Content area background should not be changed from white. When entering content, follow the suggestions found on the University’s Communications and Marketing’s Writing for the Web as well as the recommendations on this page.



The following copyright text on a websites:
“Copyright ©####, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. All rights reserved.”

University Links Menu

Provides links to respective division, campus, and University-wide information:

  • Division of Student Affairs homepage
  • Rutgers University–New Brunswick homepage
  • University-wide search


The background color of the Top Bar should be the hexadecimal code #474747.

The website content management system manual and tutorial videos are available for download. If you need access to these, please contact us.

Theme elements used on this page






  • (Above this element) 15px.


  • (This element) Style 2.