The Rutgers University Visual Identity Policy requires the Rutgers logotype be visible on the front of all printed materials. Using the Student Affairs signature fulfills this requirement.

The Student Affairs signature is the official logo for all departments within the Division of Student Affairs, New Brunswick. All previous departmental signatures have been retired and may no longer be used.

For department identification, a text treatment of the department name can appear on the materials as long as the Student Affairs signature is present.

Footers for Flyers and Posters

In order to create consistency on flyers and posters within the division, we have created a new footer standard to be utilized by all departments/areas. The primary elements of this footer include the Student Affairs signature, relevant social media account information for your department/area and basic contact information (website, email, and phone number) in the center, and your department/area name to the left. An additional disability notice is required to be included on flyers or posters for events and services where accommodations may need to be made to ensure that people of all levels of ability can attend or utilize.

The Student Affairs Marketing & Communications office can assist you in creating the appropriate footer for your area to ensure that the appropriate dimensions, iconography, and typefaces, providing the necessary files and assistance to your creative team to implement the new footer with your designs.

Flyer and Banner Identity Footer

Sample flyer identity footer showing guidelines used to properly space elements.

When using the footer, or any graphic item like a logo, photo, or illustration, it is important to scale the graphic properly to maintain the proper height and width proportions. Most programs will constrain the height and width of a graphic element when you hold down the shift key when you scale a graphic.

Below are examples of improperly-scaled footers.

Flyer and Banner Indentity Footer Stretched Tall

Footer improperly stretched tall.

Flyer and Banner Indentity Footer Stretched Wide

Footer improperly stretched wide.

Identity footers created by the Student Affairs Marketing office should be the actual size of the media you are using, so scaling won’t be necessary.

The version of the footer we are displaying here has a black background. This is not to imply that the footer needs to be backed in black in all scenarios. On some documents it may be beneficial to have the footer rest on the existing background, which could be any number of different colors. This version also uses white as the primary color of the text, icons, and logo for contrast against the black background, which may not necessary for all documents you may be producing. The text and icons may appear in different colors depending on what works with your design, however, the Student Affairs signature may only appear in the colors that exist in the Student Affairs signature pack.

Brochures, Postcards, and Other Print Materials

Brochures, postcards, and other print materials you may be looking to create for your office should follow the basic branding rules for the division and university. All of the materials created should feature the Rutgers Student Affairs signature somewhere on the front of the design. The logo does not need to overpower your design, but should be visible and legible. Additionally, somewhere in the design, New Brunswick Campus identification must be included. This can be satisfied many ways, some of which include, but are not limited to:

  • Incorporating your mailing address
  • Event location (including town)
  • Using the phrase “Rutgers University–New Brunswick”

The Student Affairs Marketing Office can help strategize the branding and design of any print materials that don’t fit within common print formats.

Promotional Items

The Student Affairs Marketing Office can help strategize the branding and design of any promotional items that can not fit the Student Affairs signature.

The information provided is the divisional standards for branding. For more information about the University Visual Identity Policy, including a link to the Visual Identity Manual, visit the Rutgers University Visual Identity Website.

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