Apparel worn during work hours by professional staff, student staff, and interns must follow the division’s identity guidelines. The branding treatments shown below can be applied to t-shirts, outer ware, and other branded shirts ordered and used as “uniforms.”

Student Line Staff

University Trademark & Licensing does not allow the use of the Spirit “R” paired with a department name. They may allow the R to be paired with a service offered and used on student may allow the use of the Spirit “R” on student shirts along.

In specific situations, student staff working in positions such as welcome desks and information desks in areas where students and public gather may be assigned a red polo with the white Spirit “R” on the left chest. The service offered will appear below the Spirit “R” and the words “Student Affairs” will appear on the left sleeve.

Department names can not be paired with the

University Creative Services must create this shirt artwork, subject to Trademarks & Licensing approval, and will supply the art directly to the vendor.

Contact the Student Affairs Marketing Office if you have any questions regarding the use of the Spirit “R.”

Student Line Staff Polo Sample

Department Professional Staff and Student Office Staff

Professional staff, if ordering polos, are required to have at least one solid black polo for division-wide events. If additional polos are ordered, they may be different colors.

All branding must be as follows: The University’s logotype should appear in red on the left chest. The department name will appear below in white, properly spaced from the Rutgers logotype according to the University’s Visual Identity System, and the words “Student Affairs” will appear on the left sleeve.

This is the only usage of the Rutgers logotype paired with department name.

Professional Staff, Student Staff Polo Sample

Central Office Professional Staff and Student Office Staff

A version of the Student Affairs signature has been created by University Creative Services specifically for embroidery. This version of the signature will be used for central office staff shirts, along with the words “Student Affairs” on the left sleeve.

Polo without unit identification

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